Top 63 Little Hand Tattoo Ideas


Little Hand Tattoos

Anchor Black Ink Simple Guys Small Tattoo On Hands

These small double anchor tattoos exemplify popular homages to north American Classic tattoos, bringing back a time when sailors, not unlike outlaw motorcyclists, liked to display their otherness through body art.

Axe Masculine Guys Small Hand Tattoos

This nifty axe is more detailed than a lot of other little hand tattoos. There’s an attractive degree of shading in both the haft and axe head. The solid line makes it interesting handiwork.

Black Ink Crown Guys Small Tattoo On Hand

Crowns make for popular small hand tattoos because of their interesting shape and ability to be made unique. This is a nice example of a solid black crown, with the jewellery forming contrast to the solidity of the rest of the piece.

Black Ink Outline Dog Paw Print Mens Small Hand Tattoos

A rustic minimalist version of the classic dog’s paw tattoo. These small tattoos are also becoming increasingly popular on the ankles and feet as well.

Black Red And Orange Guys Flying Sparrow Traditional Small Hand Tattoo

The swallow is another head nod to classical north American Classic tattoo art. This piece is beautifully done, using the uncomplicated Sailor Jerry type color scheme to fill the bird out as it flies across the top of the man’s hand.

Cool Mens Small Nautical Star Tattoo On Hands

This intricate compass is effective in such a small space. This type of tattoo can sometimes be difficult to pull off given the toughness of the hand to do quality line work and shading.

Crossed Anchor Guys Small Hand Tattoo Designs

A simple, minimalist crossed pair of anchors. You could be forgiven for thinking they look like a pair of cufflinks tossed haphazardly in your top drawer.

Crossed Arrows Guys Small Hand Tattoo Ideas

Simple crossed arrows on this man’s palm bely the difficulty of this tattoo. Palm tattoos could be the hardest ones to have succeed anywhere. Make sure you’re fully aware of issues in color drop out and aftercare when contemplating a palm tattoo. Some artists won’t consider doing them.

Detailed Hand Mens Small Dog Paw Print Tattoo

Another paw tattoo; notice the slight smudge/discoloration of the smaller pads of the foot. This happens often in hand tattoos and can either be left to ‘age’ gracefully or touched up, which may incur an extra cost.

Detailed Small Rose Flower With Stem Guys Hand Tattoos

This delicate flower is nicely rendered for such a small tattoo. It looks likely that it’s held up through the aftercare process with no drop out.

Fight To Live Cool Small Mens Hand Tattoos

“Fight to live” has a nice font for that part of the hand and the words run nicely along the curve. The main part is complemented by red color flourishes that will settle when ageing into the skin.

Flower Both Hands Guys Small Tattoo Design Inspiration

This is a funky version of the complimentary double hand tattoo. There’s excellent use of line work and shadow to create this piece. Also note the missing leaf on the right hand due to the other hand tattoo he has.

Flying Bird Shaded Black And Grey Small Hand Tattoos For Men

This is a great example of a small animal realism piece. It’s very deftly and delicately done, with elegant shading of the wing and tail feathers standing out. The artist put some quality time into executing this hand art.

Flying Sparrow Mens Small Traditional Old School Hand Tattoos
Flying Sparrow Small Shaded Mens Hand Tattoos
Four Leaf Clover Skull Male Small Hand Tattoo

This is very impressive. It’s hard when doing hand tattoos to put a lot of depth into the image, and here the artist successfully gets a pair of skulls inside the four-leaf clover, balancing some sweet gray scale shading with sharp black line work.

Gentleman With Cool Black Ink Eye Tribal Hand Small Tattoo

This tribal inspired art mixes the Eye of Horus – symbolizing regeneration and rebirth in Ancient Egyptian scripture – with another piece of text to form a fully realized image in flat black. This would have been done using a single, narrow gauge needle.

Guys Hand Battle Axe Small Tattoo

This is an impressively detailed full axe. The double-bladed head is shaded strongly, but the key to this is the shading along the haft to create small, realistic wood grain and leather binding for the grip.

Lettering With X Mens Small Hand Tattoo

This is a well-executed Chicano style font in four parts. The linework here is extremely sharp, giving the lettering a calligraphy feel.

Lucky Number 13 Guys Small Hand Tattoo

The number 13 in tattoo ‘flips’ the script on the cleanskins who view it as an unlucky number. 13 is a popular tattoo as a symbol of otherness from the norm – hearkening back to a time when tattoos weren’t as accepted as they are now. Studios now do tattoo marketing by selling lucky 13 $$$ days, flash days and walk in only days to build business, get customers, or gain traction on social media.

Male With Small Bicycle Tattoo On Hand

Avant-garde and ironic tattoos are often used in hand ink. This can be anything from the funny moustache to this example – the bike guy rolling along with a bike tattoo on his hand.

Manly Anchor Guys Small Hand Tattoos
Mens Cool Symbols Small Hand Tattoo Ideas

Etching these bold Nordic runes into this man’s skin wouldn’t have tickled. The effect is a strong piece of art across both hands. It would’ve likely taken a steady hand and single needle to implement this idea, but the line work is exceptional, and well worth a bit of pain in the digits to achieve.

Mens Deer Head Hand Small Tattoo Design Inspiration

Wow. This deer head is a well-drawn realist tattoo. The sweeping antlers are a great flourish of clear line work. Little hand tattoos of this kind are rare – it’s difficult to navigate such detail in a hand tatt.

Mens Egyptian Small Tattoo On Hand

Anubis, the Jackal headed Ancient Egypt God who was replaced by Osiris as the Lord of the Underworld and left to tend to mummification and dressing the dead. Amulets of the Ancient Gods are still very popular. This is a beautifully solid representation inked into the hand. The strength of the black is that it makes Anubis look like he was stamped, and not tattooed, on to the top of his hand.

Mens Finger Of Hand Crown Small Tattoo Ideas
Mens Hand Church Building Small Tattoo Ideas

This is a wacky take on a minimalist tattoo. The simple church has been drawn with nice clear lines, looking a lot larger than it is at the top of his knuckle.

Mens Hand Small Black Ink Tribal Tattoos

This simple tribal tattoo is a bit of a rarity, given that it’s inked on the edge of the hand just above the wrist bone.

Mens Have Heart Side Of Hand Word Tattoos

Tattoos in the no man’s land on the edge of your hand are not unlike those of the palm in that color can fall out and lose structure, especially over time. This ‘have heart’ lettering is well drawn, benefitting from simple, clean lines in the font rather than a less fitting pattern.

Mens Small Chefs Knife Hand Tattoo

This kitchen knife is a bold cover up of an old tattoo. You can see the old work in blue, within the frame of the blade, that has faded seriously since it was first done.

Mens Small Jesus On The Cross Hand Tattoo Designs
Music Notes Small Hand Tattoos For Men
Native American Feather Head Guys Small Hand Tattoo Ideas

You can make the argument that this delicately drawn Native American headdress should be taking pride of place on more prime real estate such as a shoulder or sleeve. It’s a fantastic miniature tattoo – the feathers are amazingly worked and must have been difficult to get right in the execution.

Native American Indians Guys Small Hand Tattoos
Norse Small Guys Triangle Hand Tattoos

A gentlemen’s hand tattoo. The focus of this picture is the watch, but the ink is noteworthy, especially given the lack of love visible tattoos garner from the wider population. The pair of minimalistic, interlinked triangles are almost demure when contrasted against the massive watch face.

Old School Traditional Anchor With Sparrows Mens Small Hand Tattoo
Old School Traditional Small Hand Tattoo Ideas For Men

Can’t help but dig the old school Halloween flash art notebook being emptied out onto someone’s fingers. It’s like a Friday the 13th flash art sale combined on one man’s hands. It’s effective, and quite bold when taken together as an entire piece.

Realistic Small Mens Straight Razor Hand Tattoo

The old school straight razor – hipster barber or Peaky Blinder? The shading stands out, creating a realistic blade and grain on the woodworked handle of the razor. The image being half folded also adds impact to the shape of the tattoo on the hand itself, which may have been lost if completely unfurled.

Rose Flower Side Of Hand Guys Small Tattoo Ideas
Sailing Shaded Ship Mens Small Tattoo Designs On Hand
Shaded 3d Skull Mens Small Tiny Hand Tattoos
Shaded Rose Flower Small Guys Hand Tattoos
Shark Fin Black Ink Guys Small Tattoo Hand Inspiration
Simple Black Ink Gear Guys Small Hand Tattoo
Skull With Feather Head Guys Small Tattoo On Hands
Small Always Driven Words Guys Hand Tattoo
Small Bullet Mens Hand Tattoo Designs
Small Bumblebee Mens Hand Tattoo Ideas
Small Guys Barbershop Themed Hand Tattoos
Small Hand Animal Skull Guys Tattoo Ideas
Small Smilie Face Hand Tattoos For Gentlemen
Spider Web With Bones Guys Small Tattoo On Hand
Tree Guys Finger Hand Small Tattoos
Triangles Guys Geometric Small Tattoo Design On Hand
Triangle With Deer Antlers Small Hand Tattoos For Guys
Tribal Dragon Guys Small Hand Tattoos
Two Sparrow Birds Guys Small Tattoo On Hand
Unique Small Guys Coffin Egyptian Hand Tattoos
Wishbone Palm Of Hand Mens Small Tattoos
Wrestling Logo Mens Small Hand Tattoo

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