how to overcome hesitation?

How To Overcome Hesitation?

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how to overcome hesitation?

Sometimes, it is normal for us to be hesitant to make certain decisions. But it is not uncommon for it to pop up all the time. Sometimes, hesitation, like illness, can confuse different aspects of your life. While most of us are not hesitant to such an extent, the likelihood of hesitation is slightly higher with the increasing number of choices available in today’s society. Thanks to the frontal cortex, the frontal cortex of our brain, near the forehead, we are able to make good decisions. However, that section can only handle approximately 7 pieces of information at a time. However, if you have a desire to make decisions in slightly different ways, that is the beginning of learning to make the right decisions. Really, how to get rid of hesitation?


first step


First, let go of the desire to be perfect. The reason for most of the hesitation is that we always have the desire to make the right decision. Then, when a decision is made, there is a fear that it will have negative consequences, which can cause significant damage to the success of life. Therefore, if a decision is made wrong, it is very important to have the courage to face it and to be able to take risks in deciding something. If you can get rid of the desire for perfection, you will be able to get rid of hesitation and you will be able to make decisions when you need to.


The second step


Listen to your thoughts and feelings. You may think this is a bit contrary to the idea of ​​making the right decisions. But keep in mind that it may be more effective. As the number of options for doing something increases, so does the activity of the cerebral cortex in your brain, and then your emotions or instincts come to your aid like a guiding light in the middle of darkness. Research by neurologist Antonio Demasio in the 1980s found that people with brain tumors were more likely to be skeptical of the function of the limbic system, which is related to the ability of the brain to express emotions, and to spend even 5 hours choosing a pen. It’s been a while.


Step 3


Practice making small decisions. One way to increase your risk and decision-making ability is to practice making small decisions. Properly trained to make small decisions with good self-confidence increases the likelihood of making big decisions in the future. There, gradually develop your ability from low risk to high-risk decisions.

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