50 Unusual Tattoos For Men – Uncommon Ink Design Ideas


The practice of inking one’s flesh is as old as time itself. For some, a simple splash of color will do, an easily recognizable symbol or innocuous message.

Others, however, prefer to be as bold and personal as possible; to them a tattoo tells a story – their story – and must be worn like a badge of honor and individuality.

Because tattoos are permanent personal statements, more or less a movable museum of the flesh, few are inclined to err on the safe side and go with the status quo.

Each region of the body holds its own unique appeal to certain ink designs, from the neck down to the last toe. However, that doesn’t mean placement is the only way gentlemen are getting creative these days.

The truth is, tattoos have taken a turn from traditional and gone far into the realms of Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol and beyond. Many of the notably talented styles you’ll find below could easily be displayed at an art gallery.

When it comes to unusual ink, some follow a more subtle route, while others stand out in their one-of-a-kind uniqueness. Designs such as abstract portraits make you question the true meaning, while geometric sailing ships might just make you wonder in an artistic state of awe.

From the neck down there is no limit to the striking and unusual motifs one can employ with the help of a skilled, outside-the-box tattoo artist. There is the option of a biomechanical design, which eludes to the bearer being more machine than man, or a full under-the-skin anatomical blueprint showing off the underlying veins, tendons, and bones; both design choices depict an alternate side of the human body.

Full-scale renderings of graphic novel, film, and literary scenes tell stories that perhaps form a unique parallel to your own, be it Moby Dick or the Dark Knight, while some may opt for hypnotic abstract patterns instead. A variety of beautifully depicted religious emblems ranging from fallen angels to Ganesha leave a poignant impression of one’s inner, as well as aesthetic, richness.

3d Eye With Seashell Mens Unusual Inner Arm Tattoos
3d Realistic Hand With Heart And Cubes Unusual Male Rib Cage Side Tattoos
Amazing Unusual Detailed Guys Skull Arm Tattoo
Anchor Unusual Mens Hand Tattoos
Angry Bear Rectangle Shape Unusual Guys Arm Tattoos
Back Negative Space Bear Paw With Crown Guys Unusual Back Tattoo
Bearded Skull With Ocean Wave Guys Unusual Colorful Arm Tattoos
Blackwork Unusual Guys Tribal Chest And Arm Tattoo
Bull With Red Watercolor Background Unusual Guys Back Of Leg Tattoos
Chess Piece With Armor Guys Unusual Arm Tattoos
Chest Mens Unusual Hand With Paint Brush Watercolor Tattoo
Cool Unusual Geometric Shapes Pattern Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men
Dog Portrait Unusual Inner Arm Tattoos For Gentlemen
Dotwork Rhino Pig Guys Unusual Upper Chest Tattoo
Female Portrait With Blue Nature Landscape Guys Unusual Thigh Tattoos
Gentleman With Faded Deer Unusual Rib Cage Side Tattoo Design
Glowing Skull With Suit And Tie Mens Unusual Realistic 3d Leg Tattoos
Guys Unusual Forearm Sleeve Human Figure Tattoo
Guy With Unusual Tree Soundwave Arm Tattoo
Heart In Heart With Hand Guys Realistic 3d Unusual Inner Forearm Tattoos
Jumping Worlf Unusual Mens Cool Chest Tattoo With Watercolor Design
Leg Sleeve Child Portrait Guys Unusual Tattoo Ideas
Male Portrait Unusual Guys Inner Forearm Tattoos
Male Unusual Hand Clouds Inner Forearm Tattoo
Man With Unusual X Ray Brain Leg Sleeve Tattoo
Mens Colorful Unusual Hands Holding Mirror With Eye Tattoo On Arm
Mens Unusual Black And Blue Sailing Ship Arm Tattoo With Watercolor Design
Mens Unusual Female Holding Mouse By Tail Leg And Thigh Tattoo
Mens Unusual Grey Skull And Rose Abstract Chest Tattoos
Mens Unusual Upper Arm Big Cat Sunset Tattoos
Roaring 3d Bear Guys Unusual Chest Tattoo With Realsitic Design
Sailing Ship With Sunset Unusual Full Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Men
Skeleton With Crow Ornate Unusual Guys Arm Tattoos
Unusual Carved Tree Trunk Mens 3d Half Sleeve Tattoos
Unusual Guys Shaded Black And Grey Skull Tattoo Design On Arm
Unusual Mens Colorful Skull Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Unusual Mens Dancing Skeletons Full Back Tattoo
Unusual Mens Painting Watercolor Half Sleeve Tattoo
Unusual Mens Skull Snake Arm Tattoos
Unusual Mens Thigh Skull Jelly Fish Tattoo Designs
Vintage Records With Male Portrait Unusual Thigh Tattoos For Men
Woodcut Witch Fire Unusual Half Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

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