40+ Best Stylish Tattoo For Boys


40+ Best Stylish Tattoo For Boys

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Are you looking for the best tattoo for boys, then this post is for you. Here in this post we are sharing with you some wonderful tattoo for boys’ designs. Whether you are looking for a stylish tattoo for boys or a small tattoo for guys, this post has it all.

Let’s get started…..

Well, before you actually step in the tattoo studio, you need to be prepared with your design and the placement of your tattoo. Going unprepared can affect your tattoo design or the excitement to have the tattoo. Of course, having an unappealing boy tattoo on arms or anywhere else on your body would be the last thing that you would ever want. So, it is important that you go prepared. Decide where you want to get your tattoo. Also, you need to decide the size of the tattoo along with the design of the tattoo for boys.

Well, if you have a problem selecting your tattoo design, then you can go through the list of tattoos for boys’ designs.

1. Dragon on shoulder

Dragon tattoo on shoulder for boys

Although, the dragon is a symbol of evil in many cultures, at the same time dragon also symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. So, if you also want to flaunt such qualities, then get the dragon etched on your shoulder.

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2. Skull on forearm

Skull tattoo ideas for boys on forearm

Skull tattoos look absolutely breathtaking. You can have an innovative skull tattoo design on your forearm with some shades.

3. Skateboard tattoo for boys

Skateboard tattoo on boys arm

Skater’s delight! Yes, if you really want to express your love for skates or you are a great skater, then this design is for you. Get this one etched on your arm, it looks simple yet beautiful.

4. Quote on hand

Inspiring Quote Tattoo Ideas on Boys arm

A great tattoo for boys’ hands, if you are looking for a sophisticated tattoo design for your arm, then this is the design for you.

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5. World map on arm

Boys tattoos on arm

You can’t go wrong with a world map etched on your arm. Maps make for really wonderful tattoo designs. If you really love to travel and you want to explore the entire world, then this design is for you. Get this one etched on your arm.

6. Inkblot clock on arm

Best tattoo designs for boy 2020

If you are really looking for an outside the box tattoo design, then inkblot clock is for you. It makes for a work of art. Get it etched in the jet-black ink, it will make the tattoo look all the more precise and delicate.

7. Anchor with quote on forearm

Anchor tattoo boys with quote on forearm

All I can say is – classy and perfect. Yes, anchor with quote makes for the nautically-inclined tattoo design. Get it etched on your arm and yeah don’t miss to get it artfully shaded, it will look mesmerizing.

8. Half skull on arm

Half skull tattoo on arm fo boys

Have you ever thought of having a half skull etched on your arm? No, not yet, then you seriously need to think about it. It will make for a breathtaking tattoo design. Get a half skull etched on your arm.

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9. Peaceful quote tattoo for boys on arm

Boys tattoo on arm

If you are a peach lover and you want to convey the message of peace to the world, then a peaceful quote like “harm none” can do the needful.

10. Lion in triangle on arm

Lion tattoo in triangle on boys arm

If you also possess kingly traits or qualities, then get the King of the jungle etched on your arm. And yeah, get it etched inside a triangle. If you feel some kinship with this majestic beast, then this tattoo is for you!

11. Heart maze on hand

Best Hand Tattoo ideas for boy

Another wonderful tattoo for boys. Wearing this tattoo on your arm simply means wearing a “map to your heart” on your arm. This one makes for an outside the box tattoo design. Go for it!

12. Landscape on arm

boys arm Landscape tattoo ideas

Undoubtedly, landscapes are meant for nature lovers. Especially for the ones who aren’t afraid to say it out loud. Landscape tattoos look gorgeous, and are a great way to celebrate your love for nature.

13. Linear lunar cycle on arm

Of course, a minimalist and very stylish tattoo design for boys. Linear lunar cycles etched on the arm will look subtle. Have this one etched on your arm if you really want to make a statement.

14. Molecule on forearm

Molecule tattoo on forearm

Whether you like chemistry or not, molecules etched on your hand will make for a style statement. Get the one which is your favorite, you will never regret your design.

15. Armband

Armband tattoo for boys

Armbands look stunning, whether you get it done on your wrist or arm. If you are looking for some simple tattoo design, then an armband will do the needful. Try out!

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16. Compass with map on arm

World map tattoo with compass on arm

If planning to go bigger and bolder, then a compass with a map on the arm will be a fantastic idea. Get this one etched on your forearm. It will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

17. Snarling wolf on arm

Snarling wolf tattoo ideas

Are you looking for some striking tattoo design? Then snarling wolf would be a great idea! Let the world see the other side of yours, ferocious and courageous!

18. Partial skeleton on arm

Best Forearm tatoo for boys

If you are looking for an eye-catching tattoo design, then get a partial skeleton etched on your arm. You will be stunned to see other’s reactions.

19. Atom heart on arm

If it is a heart tattoo that you want in some new style, then atom heart is the one for you! Atom hearts look perfect and gorgeous. Go for it!

20. Drum beat on arm

Best Tattoo ideas for guys

Get a drum beat tattoo etched on your arm, you can’t go wrong with a drum beat tattoo design for sure! Simple yet very beautiful tattoo design for boys.

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